About Us

designacube – the company

designacube was established by people with a passion for designing & building really good small homes & commercial spaces through clever use of innovative design, sustainable construction methods, materials & technologies.

We think big but act locally, collaborating with local tradesman, architects, engineers, consultants, suppliers, clients  and local communities to create purpose built, adaptable dwellings, suited to a wide range of uses.

We operate from Sydney & South Coast NSW at present, with plans to expand to other states.

our homes

designacube brings together award winning architects, specialized project management and experienced builders, re-imaging the traditional granny flat into a sophisticated modern design that delivers multiple uses, but not limited to, retirees, rental income, student accommodation, holiday accommodation, entertainment spaces, sales and/or home offices, even man caves and “she sheds”……..why not ! There is no limit to the use of our customized designs.

Constructed on site from pre-fabricated modular components with multiple finish options, we collaborate with each client defining a customized solution in line with specific site, needs & budget.

Our total project management approach means that once you choose the design – we take full responsibility, organizing the entire process from council approval to the finished product, all to a set timeline and budget.

“an inspired choice”

Super insulated materials

Fast-built modular construction

Adaptable to future needs

Reduced utility costs

Greater comfort & liveability