Sustainable Design Principles

designacube’s eco modular homes and buildings are driven by sustainable design principles that reduce environmental impact and maximize year round comfort whilst reducing utility running costs.

The idea of sustainability, or ecological design, is to ensure that our actions and decisions today do not inhibit the opportunities of future generations.

” If there is a better way to build – designacube shall lead the way “


  • Investigate site for best orientation
  • Incorporate strong green envelope
  • Incorporate solar passive aspects
  • Provide shading to glazed areas
  • Consider natural ventilation
  • Make best use of space
  • Consider Functionality
  • Strong Asthetic consideration
  • Consider sizing of materials to eliminate waste
  • Cost & affordability


    • Use standard sizing of materials
    • Reduce on site waste
    • Low embodied energy
    • Reduce impact on environment
    • Cradle to cradle approach in selection
    • Utilize environmentally credible suppliers
    • Low VOC paints, adhesives, sealants & low formaldehyde materials
    • Aesthetic appeal


  • Prefab components off-site
  • Screw in piers – less impact on soil
  • Water saving systems
  • Consider grey & black water treatment
  • Collect rainwater for re-use
  • Consider powered ventilation
  • Use energy saving Appliances
  • Consider home automation
  • Consider PV Solar
  • Monitor on-going performance