Our Process

Designing and building a new home is an exciting process. Our aim is to ensure the experience is an enjoyable one for all stakeholders.

“let’s get started”

Hopefully you’ll find enough information on our website to understand our overall building philosophy & style.
If you’d like more information please contact us initially via email at info@designacube.com.au
Leave a contact number if you choose and we’ll call you back within 24 hours.
Once we have enough information regarding your site details, surveys, photos, special needs etc. we can provide a free estimate of costs on your project to consider.
If you choose to take it further, we’re happy to meet & discuss your project brief and progress discussions towards fulfilling your building requirements.

“now we’re getting serious”

designacubes’ 8 step building process

Step 1: Design & Budget

We’ll work closely with you to determine the most suitable design for your building block and budget.

Step 2: Fixed Price Quotation

You’ve made the decision to proceed further – we meet with you to determine your full requirements. We conduct a site assessment, provide our architects input and provide a Fixed Price Quotation.

Step 3: Pre-lodgement Planning and Collation of Documents

We’re really getting on with it now – we seek more information and engage relevant professionals on your behalf to undertake property surveys, geo-technical reports, engineering and any special requirements peculiar to your site.

Note: at this point, you will have some fees due and payable to various consultants, engineers, certifiers etc.

Step 4: Contract and Approvals

We finalize specifications, plans, materials, colour selections, kitchen & bathroom choices. We make an appointment with you to sign contracts and then proceed to apply for development consent and construction certification. We also organize Home Warranty Insurance on your behalf and determine construction timetables.

Step 5: Construction Commencement

Supervisor is appointed, work orders issued and construction commences.

Step 6: Inspections and Handover

At handover you will receive a final occupation certificate and take possession of keys, homeowners manual which includes all warranties, instructions and advice on running and looking after your new designacube’ home.

Step7: Follow up Service

After 12 weeks we carry out another site inspection to ensure all is working as it should be.

Step 8: Enjoy your Home 🙂