Our Designs

The designacube building style combines a cost effective modular building system utilizing sustainable construction methods, materials and technologies to create attractive, functional and fast-built residential homes and commercial buildings.

From the beginning of the very first European settlements in Australia we imported building concepts from a very different climate (without importing the climate itself !) and basically built boxes designed to trap heat. Eventually, after generations of stifling summers, we chose to burn more coal to generate electricity to power energy guzzling air conditioners to cool those boxes down. An inefficient, expensive, and environmentally unsustainable “solution”.

Today, these important issues are addressed by new concepts in residential design which acknowledge climate, seasonal cycles, terrain, aspect and the modern challenges of the world in which we live. In combination with effective insulative characteristics, our designs assist in passively protecting your home from climatic extremes. This approach results in lower greenhouse emissions and lower energy costs. There is a positive major difference in the thermal comfort levels of our homes.

designacubes’ eco modular homes are rated to a minimum of 8 stars (national standard for new homes is 6 out of 10 stars). Traditionally built older homes rarely achieve 2 stars and require vast amounts of energy to maintain an even temperature throughout the year. 8 star rated homes have very little reliance on air-conditioning and/or heating. If you’d like a ten star rated home we can design and build it……and it won’t cost the earth.

It makes good economic sense to consider “better ways to build”……. the environment and your wallet will also thank you…..

designacubes’ eco modular homes are suited to a wide range of uses including granny flats; investor rentals; home additions; commercial spaces; sales & / or home offices; holiday cabins; entertainment rooms; studios; man caves and the stylish “she shed”. Based on the simplicity of a cube, our customized architecturally designed modular building style allows you to make additions to your home, as your future needs change.

designacubes’ eco modular system of building allows for fast construction times and big cost savings.

We offer a full design and construct service.


Attractive, affordable and adaptable

Minimal site preparation

Recyclable low energy building materials

Energy saving utility systems

Custom options and finishes

Initial brief to full installation, in as little as 8 weeks